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We specialize in the design and fabrication of aftermarket Engine Management Systems

Nernex ignition coil

We are committed to provide high quality  OE  automotive engine management parts. All of our products are tested for performance and to ensure reliability.

Nernex VVT Solenoids

Nernex VVT Solenoids

At NERNEX metallurgy matters so we use the highest quality hardened steel components to reduce the possibility of excessive wear during residue buildup and premium O-rings and gaskets to ensure proper oil pressure levels to eliminate oil leaks.
100% of all NERNEX VVT solenoids is subjected to strict quality control testing during the build process and at the end of assembly to ensure OE form, fit and function.

Nernex EGR Valves

Nernex EGR Valves

All NERNEX EGR Valves are precision calibrated for OE performance.
This ensures OE form, fit and function every time and unsurpassed reliability.
All NERNEX EGR Valves must pass a rigorous quality testing process that includes computer simulated engine bench testing for responsiveness, resistance, leaks, and flow rates.

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Nernex EGR Valves

Designed to perform

Nernex was established in 2006. Our goal is to Effectively help reduce and control exhaust pollution while improving fuel efficiency.

Nernex vvt solenoid

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